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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Saturday (5/31/08) 6:48pm - ... wherein Peter posts a song.

My oh my it's been a long time since I recorded anything... for folks who are new to the blog, occasionally I'll play a song I like on my old acoustic, record it on my dinky recording setup, and post it to the blog.  (Previous entries are here; one fine day I'll work out how to automatically reprocess that link into a podcast feed.)

Anyway, here's the latest song:
     #36.  The Postal Service - The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

Thanks go to iamtehprincess for suggesting this song, back when I was trolling for songs for my ukelele experiment (I finally settled on ELO).  I could never get "District" to sound good on the ukelele, but I was intrigued at the challenge of playing it on guitar.

While I like, say, the Iron & Wine version of "Such Great Heights", I didn't want to go that route.  More specifically, what I really like about "District" is how this lyric, long-noted melody goes against this stacatto, syncopated 'rhythm section' that only a synth programmer could love.  If I just strummed out the chords, I'd wind up losing that.

Unfortunately, my sense of rhythm is not so good, and it took me a long, long time to get my brain to handle singing the vocal line while strumming that completely screwy rhythm.  (For a similar brain-meltdown, see this song.)

As for the results:  I dunno.  It's a good song, I think I did something interesting with it, and I'm proud that I managed to do it.  I still need to keep a steady rhythm, though, and my dinky recording rig has obvious limitations.  The results:  not bad, but I doubt I'll listen to it much.

As per always, youtube comes through with the original(Oh, and check out this a cappella version.)

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Date:Monday (6/2/08) 8:52am
Your lower register sounds very strikingly similar to Ben Gibbard's. At first, I thought you'd mixed up the files and it actually was him. Eerie.

I like what you did with this.
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Date:Monday (6/2/08) 9:47am
Ha!  Thanks!
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