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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Tuesday (7/29/08) 10:45pm - ... wherein Peter gets interviewed on the radio.

I'm getting interviewed on KOOP tomorrow!

This is for a radio show called "Writing on the Air", a weekly program devoted to interviewing Austin-area writers.  (Apparently I R a writer.)

They're going to perform episode one of Bellydancing Ninjas (which is every bit as silly and fun as it sounds), and then I'll have a nice chat with the host about how I wrote that radio serial in particular and about screenwriting in general.  If we have time, we may have a go at episode one of The Adventures of Stetson McGraw as well.

If folks would like to listen to it, it's 6pm-7pm (CST) tomorrow on KOOP -- 91.7 on your FM dial, and they also have a variety of webcast streams.


EDIT:  The interview is now online here.

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Date:Tuesday (7/29/08) 10:25pm

KOOP interview

Super cool! Go you! I may not be able to listen live, but I will make use of the webcast-type things.
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Date:Wednesday (7/30/08) 4:55am
It looks like the streaming may also be a "live" option. If you end up with your hands on an MP3 or find out where one would be, please post that for the sake of those of us who will be on planes while that is happening. :)
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Date:Wednesday (7/30/08) 7:47am
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