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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Thursday (7/31/08) 1:15pm - ... wherein there is Spanish in San Diego.

Welcome to this week's installment of "Spanish for Everyday Situations".

This week's situation:  "Oh, no!  You're having a bad acid trip at Comic-Con!"

Can everyone else see the man dressed as a giant chihuahua, or is that just me?

¿Puede cada uno otro ver al hombre vestido como chihuahua gigante, o es que apenas yo?

Please lead me away from the brightly-colored TokyoPop booth.

Lléveme por favor lejos de la cabina brillante-coloreada de TokyoPop.

Young man, I will give you fifty dollars to beat up that elf and bring me his bottle of water.

Joven señor, le daré cincuenta dólares para batir para arriba ese duende y para traerme su botella de agua.

Did I just lick Warren Ellis?

¿Acabo de lamer a Warren Ellis?

Apparently, my animal totem is a Stormtrooper.

Al parecer, mi tótem animal es Stormtrooper.

This room smells very... brown.

Este sitio huele muy… marrón.

This is the perfect time to ask a question at this Q & A!

¡Ésta es la época perfecta de hacer una pregunta en este P y R!

h/t to hangingfire, who suggested Warren Ellis -- though she thinks Grant Morrison might well be funnier.

Note:  Again, all the translations are pretty much just babelfish output; corrections are, of course, welcome.

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