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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Wednesday (1/7/09) 9:47am - ... wherein Peter buys calendars.

As I did last year, I figure I'll post about the pile of calendars I bought for 2009.

Again, this is probably of interest to nobody except possibly my mother.

1.  Wolf Kahn

I think this happened because I went to an exhibit of color field artists when I went to Denver last year.[1]  Then again, the Hoffman and Schulten calendars I bought last year were pretty similar to this one.

2.  James Archambeault's Kentucky

It hadn't occurred to me to buy a Kentucky calendar, but I think it makes a lot of sense.  I keep a copy of Hopper's "Houses of 'Squam Light" on the wall to remind me of my time in New England, so why not keep some sort of memento of the first half of my life spent in Kentucky?

3.  Antique Maps

Not sure what attracted me to this one, apart from a desire for variety and the fact that old maps are cool.

4.  Japanese Woodblock (Poster)

I usually put up one poster-sized calendar every year.  Frequently I've bought the year's Studio Ghibli calendar, so maybe it makes an odd sort of sense to go for big woodblock posters this time around.

5.  This Day in History Box Calendar

This is the page-a-day calendar I keep on my desk at work.  Previous years, I've had a book-a-day calendar[2], a 'word origins' calendar, and (last year) a work-of-art-per-day calendar from the National Gallery.  I know almost nothing about history, so I figure most of the facts will be new to me.

[1] Rumination:  if the first thing you do when you visit Denver is go to an art museum, perhaps you shouldn't be visiting Denver in the first place.

[2] ... which just depressed me with a giant stack of pages for books I wanted to read but would never have time for.

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Date:Wednesday (1/7/09) 10:05am
I got that "art a day" calendar that you suggested last year, and since I keep it at home I forget to look at it most of the time. I think it says July right now. :) But I love the pages with the art on it anyway.

But it occurs to me that I should follow your example further this year and do one for my office, so I actually see it, and perhaps have it as something to use when I'm bored. Which is often. :) That "today in history" one looks cool.
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Date:Wednesday (1/7/09) 10:30am
I like the Japanese Woodblock one.
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Date:Wednesday (1/7/09) 12:12pm
I recommend this: http://www.amazon.com/Extreme-Ironing-Calendar-Avalanche-Publishing/dp/160434024X
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Date:Wednesday (1/7/09) 12:47pm
... this makes me think there needs to be an "Extreme Irony" calendar.
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Date:Thursday (1/15/09) 12:33pm
I'm standing by Cat Lover's Against the Bomb:

This says a lot about the people that put this calendar together and about those that buy it. However...the cats themselves remain, as they do about most things, utterly ambivalent toward the bomb.
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