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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Monday (2/23/09) 2:36pm - ... wherein Peter specs out the initial Micetro-recording system.

This a quick follow-up to my last post.

Here's how I think an automatic recording system for Micetro would work:

1.  Buy a < $100 PC and a $10 computer mic.[1]
2.  Install LineInRec, DropBox, and FLAC.
3.  Go to regional settings -- set the date separator to hyphen (instead of slash).
4.  Program the computer's BIOS to turn it on at 8pm every night.[2]
5.  Schedule an XP task to turn it off at 9:30pm every night but Saturday, and 1:00am on Saturday night.
6.  Schedule a recording task for 10pm on Saturday.  This task would be something like:
        linco -D 1:30:00 -B 16 -R 44100 | flac -o "C:\DropBox\Micetro %date%.flac"

That means, "tell LineInRec to record for an hour and a half, and pipe the output to the FLAC encoder; tell the FLAC encoder to save a file of the form "Micetro <today's date>" in the DropBox directory.
Note that after this, DropBox should upload the new FLAC file automatically.

I still have to take it the rest of the way myself:  load the FLAC, snip off the leading and trailing "whitespace", transcode it to an mp3, add ID3 tags, upload it to the proper location, and create a podcast entry.

I assume I can largely automate *that*  process, too, once I actually figure out what I'm doing.

[1] We will install this machine in the sound booth, hook it up to the Internet at the Hideout, and plant the computer mic in the sound-booth window.
[2] I don't want to have to put up with correcting this for DST.

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