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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Friday (10/2/09) 1:39pm - ... wherein Peter answers a song meme.

Ganked from jefpeanutbutter:

Twelve songs:

1. Song which reminds you of being young?
Radio Free Europe - REM

2. Song which reminds you of your twenties?
Stone Cold Yesterday -- The Connells

3. Song which you missed at the time, but now like a lot?
The Whole of the Moon -- Waterboys

4. Current song which reminds you of life?
The Ballad of El Goodo -- Big Star

5. Song which makes you feel like you've come back from a long and arduous journey?
Secret World -- Peter Gabriel

6. Song you blast in your car?
My Before and After -- Cotton Mather

7. Song which makes you sad?
Reason to Believe -- Bruce Springsteen

8. Another song which reminds you of the past?
Our Story -- The Judybats

9. Song you'd like to be played at your funeral?
Rook -- XTC

10. One song that reminds you of everything that's transpired in your life?
Quiet Town -- Josh Rouse

11. Song that reminds you of your friends or would like to leave them to contemplate?
I Do -- Abra Moore

12. Happy song?
So Nice -- Wondermints

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