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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Sunday (1/24/10) 11:46am - ... wherein there is dancing at the One More Night premiere after-party.

After the One More Night premiere, we had our opening night party.  I mostly hung out outside the theater, catching up with friends who had seen the show.  I went back in and chatted with cast members for a bit.  Then the other SVT play finally finished, and Joplin started spinning club music. 

I always try to do my best with club music.  It's the most-favored dance music of nearly everyone I know, so I figure I deserve to give it a fair shake.

But somehow I can never quite get into it.  I notice that there are lots of forms of dance music -- club music, dixieland, hot jazz -- that I can never quite find an emotional connection to.  And so... I dunno.  I can move to it -- there's a clear beat and everything -- but I never really feel like I *have* to move to it.

Play a blues song, and I have to move.  Play an old Sinatra number, and I have to move.  Play soul music, and you pretty much have to strap me to the chair or shoot me with a tranq dart to keep me from dancing around.  And I think it's down to the emotions I feel from it.  I hear (say) "ABC", and I feel that joy.  I hear that version of "Storm Warning", and I feel that melancholy.  I *think* that's what I respond to.

Then when I hear club beats... I just haven't figured out how to get anything out of it yet.

I guess it's also true that I like partner dancing, whereas with most club stuff, it seems like you're dancing on your own, or paying slight attention to a large group of dancers.  To me, that gets rid of most of the fun of dancing, which is responding to another person.  It's like improv -- even as a lead, you're mostly just listening, and happily yes-and-ing what you hear.

I tried dancing to the music for a while -- in any case, it was too loud to chat with people.  Eventually I bailed to go to the weekly blues dance.  I guess I'll stay in my little ghetto of nerdy dancing for now.

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