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Hi all!  I'm poking around at Japanese and Spanish lately, and I figured that with my weekly updates, I'd include a quick rundown of how that's going.

So here's my status as of this writing, along with notes about what each itme actually means.  Lately I'm just doing a lot of memorizing, which is definitely the *wrong* way to go about language acquisition, but it's an easy, game-ified, and undemanding 'background task'.
  • Japanese:
  • Spanish:
    • Anki vocab deck: 4252/10002.
      • This deck contains the 5001 most common words in Spanish, in order.  It includes Spanish→English and English→Spanish cards.  (And pictures!)
    • Anki basic-grammar deck: 235/714.
      • Inspired by Bunpro, I scraped sample sentences off of all the grammar posts on SpanishDict, and wound up with a deck of 714 sample sentences with links to the SpanishDict pages that explain them.  I'm going through the deck in random order.
    • Current reading: Pandora: El Fin de los Días
Anyway, I'll post this every week with the latest stats, and link to this explanatory page.

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