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... wherein Peter (still) studies languages.

Hi all!  Last year, I put up this post, explaining the language-related SRS systems I was using.  Things have changed a little bit now, so I figured I'd post an update.

First, I completed wanikani.  I've finished out level 60, and now it's just a question of whether I can "burn" every flashcard in the system.  I also finished the "top 5000 words" vocab deck and "basic grammar" deck in Spanish.  I'm keeping up with those, but there's no new cards coming in.  So, in the future, just take it as given that I'm working on those.

I've added on 'Spanish vocab II' and 'Spanish phrases' decks, and I'm packing them with all the useful words and phrases I come across while studying Spanish.  I'll make steady progress through them, but I'll also keep adding more and more items to each.

These days, I'm also reading some comics in Spanish, watching through Extr@, taking classes via italki, and listening to News in Slow Spanish Latino and Light Speed Spanish.
  • Japanese:
    • Anki vocab deck: 2198/5937.
      • Anki is a flash-card app that uses a spaced-repetition system to ease memorization.  I found a spreadsheet of the 5937 most common words in Japanese, in frequency order, and used it to build a "deck" of Japanese→English flash cards.
    • Bunpro: JLPT4 Level 6/10
      • Bunpro is an SRS system for Japanese grammar concepts.  They're arranged in five "JLPT" units (named after the Japanese Language Proficiency Test) -- "5" is the easiest -- and each unit has ten levels of increasing difficulty.
  • Spanish:
    • Custom vocab deck: 234/282
      • This includes any interesting or useful word I stumble across.  It includes Spanish→English and English→Spanish cards.  (And pictures from
    • Custom phrases deck: 487/854
      • This includes any interesting or useful *phrases* I stumble across.  It includes Spanish→English and English→Spanish cards.  (No pictures.)
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