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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Thursday (7/15/04) 8:12am - ... wherein Peter has an hour or two of cetological fun. (a couple vague spoilers)

Just saw Whale Rider.  Found it entertaining enough -- it's well-acted, well-crafted, and well-shot (of course I have yet to see any filmmaker make New Zealand look ugly).  The storyline was a little simple -- I'm sure it works fine for its pre-teen target audience, but I found it a little too close to being an after-school special.  I get crankier with age, and less patient with stories where a recalcitrant character Learns a Valuable Lesson in the Final Reel.  It was fun to take in its portrayal of Maori culture, although I (predictably) had trouble relating.  (My un-PC reaction: "So... somebody rode to New Zealand on a big whale, and... that's why he has to hit that kid with a big stick.  [beat]  Ok.")  Still, nice & emotionally affecting at the end, particularly with the struggle to deliver the prize-winning school speech.  Three stars on netflix.

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Thursday (7/15/04) 12:39pm - ... wherein they *still* can't teach Peter how to shirk correctly.

Woo hoo!  My score book of XTC's English Settlement arrived today!  The perfect gift for any friend who has no life and obsesses on pop music likes XTC, this is a bound volume with guitar, bass, drum, and vocal parts for all of the album's tracks, complete with sheet music, tablature, and lyrics.  It now occupies a proud spot on the bookshelf next to my Complete Beatles Scores.

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Thursday (7/15/04) 12:55pm - ... wherein Hollywood still has no new ideas.

Ain't It Cool reports plans in the works to remake The Ten Commandments

My discussion with Bob:

[12:45:00] hujhax: Harry Knowles made a very valid point --
[12:45:25] hujhax: paraphrasing:  "The only way that this can be a good thing is if Quentin Tarantino and Samuel L. Jackson are both involved."
[12:46:16] Bob: Actually, I prefer the Sam Raimi/Bruce Campbell Ten Commandments
[12:46:36] hujhax: "Mommy, why does Moses have a chainsaw?"
[12:47:04] Bob: Listen up, you Biblical screwheads!

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Thursday (7/15/04) 12:58pm - ... wherein Peter tries to determine whether the Snipe is also a boojum.

My friend Doug here at NI has created his own gaming company! 

Click here to visit Pegamoose Games, and view "Snipe Hunt" in all of its majesterial majesty.

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