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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Thursday (5/27/10) 5:47pm - ... wherein Peter gears up for more radio-serial recording.

Executive Summary:
A local college is recording one of my audiodramas on 6/5/10 (rehearsal) and 6/12/10 (recording session).  We need actors from 8am - noon on both days.  If you'd like to participate but can't do that schedule, let me know what avialability you *do* have on Saturday.

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Thursday (5/27/10) 6:38pm - ... wherein Peter's birthday is this coming Tuesday.

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Thursday (5/27/10) 11:29pm - ... wherein Peter spots odd 'argument songs' in improvised musicals.

I've been doing a lot of improvised musical theater lately, and I'm noticing a weird bent we improvisors have towards 'argument songs'.

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