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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Wednesday (6/11/08) 10:45am - ... wherein It's Wednesday.

This week was dominated by BluesShout, the big blues-dancing workshop in San Francisco.  Wednesday and Thursday I was getting ready for the weekend, Friday through Sunday I was dancing all the time, and Monday and Tuesday I was sleeping, lolling on the futon, and occasionally saying, "Oog."  The workshop was okay.  A couple of the classes were great and I met some nice folks, but most of the crowd there didn't care to dance with me, so *shrug* that was a bummer.

Anyway, that's it for fun & excitement until July.  The coming week looks very, very quiet.  Doctors will do nasty and painful things to my feet on Friday, which means I won't be out dancing for the following couple of weeks (doctor's orders).  I'll probably be whacked out on exciting painkillers for at least a few days, and I'll telecommute from home for a few days after that.

I see lots of sitting at home and reading in my future.

The Utterly-Useless Fact of the Week:
The temperature inside a Formula One racecar averages 150 degrees, and drivers lose up to 7 pounds in sweat per race.

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