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... wherein It's Wednesday.

This week went about how I expected it to.

I finally got the foot surgery[1] taken care of.  They bungled my appointment *again*, and only notified me at the last minute *again*.  But they got to it a couple days later.  As expected, the procedure was incredibly painful, and my feet started hurting after a day or so.  My feet feel better now, although if I stub my toe I end up screaming loudly and perhaps wanting to cry.

I mostly stayed in this week.  I didn't leave the house from Saturday afternoon to Tuesday night (hooray telecommuting), because walking was painful and I had no plans, anyway.  Apart from that?  I went out dancing a couple of times, but mostly wallflowered both times.  I stopped by the Tuesday improv jam; it was pleasant as always.

Things are pretty aimless these days.  I made a few desultory attempts at writing, but that was just me staring at a blank sheet of paper for long stretches of time.  I keep puttering at the blog and at guitar out of habit, and because I suspect that some basal level of activity is good for me.  But I don't see any 'big picture' lately.  I was reading this article, and hit this line:  "It said that if you say to the world that you are something, the world perceives you as that thing."  It occurred to me that I have no idea what I want to be.

That's probably not good.

The Utterly-Useless Fact of the Week:
From wikipedia:  "As barchan dunes migrate, smaller dunes outpace larger dunes, bumping into the rear of the larger dune and eventually appear to punch through the large dune to appear on the other side."

[1] Clarification:  not actually surgery; they were just injecting stuff into my feet.  Very painful stuff.
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