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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Thursday (7/17/08) 4:37pm - ... wherein Peter is in a bored/silly mood.

Welcome to this week's installment of "Spanish for Everyday Situations".

Today's situation:  "Oh no!  You've accidentally killed Keith Richards!"

"I assure you I did not do this intentionally.  Hell, I loved Exile on Main St."

"Le aseguro que no hice esto intencionalmente.  Maldición, amé Exile on Main St."

"We should try poking him with a stick."

"Debemos empujarlo con un bastón."

"Seriously:  when Keith asks for more heroin, you give him more heroin.  Right?  Right?"

"Seriamente:  cuando Keith pide más heroína, usted le da más heroína.  ¿Sí?  ¿Sí?"

"I call our plan the 'Weekend at Bernie's Strategy'."

"Llamo nuestro plan la 'Weekend at Bernie's Estrategia'."

"Damn vultures!"

"¡Buitres malditos!"

"I see nothing wrong here that can't be fixed with two shovels and some elbow grease."

"No veo nada perjudicar aquí que no se puede fijar con dos palas y un poco de trabajo duro y esforzado."

Note:  All the translations are pretty much just babelfish output; corrections are, of course, welcome.

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Date:Thursday (7/17/08) 3:40pm
Comedy gold. :D
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Date:Thursday (7/17/08) 3:56pm
Wow, that's pretty good for babelfish. :) There are parts of it that are hitting my ears with that sense of, "That's literally correct, but not quite idiomatically correct," but I don't know how to correct it, nor am I sure that I'm right. So I say let it stand. :)

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Date:Thursday (7/17/08) 9:06pm
Here's one for MY day:
¡Oh no! ¡Hay una ardilla loca lanzamiento a través del pasillo de fiestas con mil asientos y la venda del oompah se está acercando!

That would be, roughly, "Oh no! There is a deranged squirrel darting through the thousand-seat festival hall (or, um, "hall of parties with a thousand seats") and the oompah band is coming!"
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