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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Wednesday (7/23/08) 9:03am - ... wherein It's Wednesday.

Another week drifts slowly by.

This one had more dancing than I expected.  Instead of recovering from foot surgery[1] for two weeks, I recovered within two days; so I went to the Fed on Thursday and mostly just chatted with people.  Friday I tried going to KBB, but mostly just wallflowered.  Then Saturday I went to the monthly Aggie dance (and the subsequent blues dance, which ran to 5am); I chatted a lot with misaedra and shadyglenn, but mostly kept to myself.

In retrospect, that's probably too much dancing.

After getting back from College Station, I spent a few days cleaning out my little apartment.  Afterwards, I had (1) new carpeting[2], (2) a pile of books sold at Half-Price[3], (3) a carload of stuff dumped at Goodwill, and (4) several bags of trash taken out to the dumpster.

The place feels much more relaxing now.

The coming week looks quiet and dull.  I'll see The Dark Knight on Friday, pitch in with Micetro on Saturday, and probably go dancing a couple of times.

*shrug*  Apart from that, I'll just loll around in my suddenly-oh-so-comfortable home. 

Behold, my exciting life.

The Utterly-Useless Fact of the Week:
Sensations of heat and cold are carried by the same nerve pathways, and we only distinguish between them by context, which is a skill that is learned during childhood.  (Courtesy of kadath)

[1] Clarification:  not actually surgery; they were just injecting stuff into my feet.
[2] The old carpeting was ten years old, and... um... grody.
[3] Next up, I want to start getting rid of CDs.  Should I sell them to Half-Price Books, or use something like CashForCDs?

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