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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Thursday (7/24/08) 3:10pm - ... wherein there is more Spanish.

Welcome to this week's installment of "Spanish for Everyday Situations".

Today's situation:  "You've just bought your copy of Prog-Rock Band!"

I cannot fit this drum controller in my house.

No puedo caber este regulador de tambor en mi casa.

Hell, yeah, it comes with lasers!

¡Claro, viene con láseres!

Finally, a practical use for my giant-flower costume!

¡Finalmente, un uso práctico para mi traje de la flor gigante!

I don't think this *has* an 'easy' level.

No pienso que esto *tiene* un nivel 'fácil'.

Wait, does 'jam mode' just give you points for everything forever?

¿El 'modo improvisado' le da puntos para todo por siempre?

Sweet!  I unlocked the giant floating pig!

¡Hurra! ¡Abrí el cerdo flotante gigante!

*sigh*  Now normal Rock Band is just... boring.

*suspiro* Rock Band normal ahora está... agujereando.

h/t to minimalrobot for several suggestions.

Note:  Again, all the translations are pretty much just babelfish output; corrections are, of course, welcome.

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Date:Thursday (7/24/08) 2:28pm
I now have an urge to find a way to work the phrase "cerdo flotante gigante" into conversation when I go back to Mexico this year. Just because it flows so nicely off the tongue.
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Date:Thursday (7/24/08) 4:15pm
~ chortle ~
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Date:Thursday (7/24/08) 3:15pm
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... absolutely brilliant! Your best work ever, sir. :D

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Date:Thursday (7/24/08) 3:40pm
¡Es la flor gigante!
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Date:Thursday (7/24/08) 3:32pm
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