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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Thursday (7/31/08) 10:30am - ... wherein It's (Not) Wednesday.

Gah!  Completely forgot to post yesterday, didn't I....

This week was mostly devoted to being sick.  Again.  I started feeling iffy on Thursday, but ascribed it to allergies.  Then I had three days of being sick.  I couldn't go dancing, I couldn't do any improv, I could only stay home and anaesthetize myself with endless rounds of computer Settlers of Catan.

And then, as always, I got a sinus infection.  There was no malaise and no risk of getting other people sick[1], but my head was full of festively-colored goop.  It didn't help that I had terrible insomnia night after night after night.  I probably *still* have a few more days before I dry out.

But acute physical discomfort didn't prevent me from running around and doing all sorts of stuff.  I went to improv singing class on Monday, ventured briefly out to someconnection and gemini621rn's wedding party on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday I picked up an iPhone (three hours in line) and got interviewed on KOOP.[2]

So that's all been a bit frantic and bleary (and thus the forgetting-to-post yesterday).  Fortunately, I seem to be on the mend.  I got eight hours of sleep last night (!), and now I just have a little congestion.  And my left eye hurts.  (What the hell?)

The coming week looks pleasant enough, assuming my tenuous health holds together.  I'll probably only briefly drop by the Fed tonight, in hopes that taking it easy tonight leaves me in better condition to attend KBB tomorrow.  Then I'm helping out with Micetro on Saturday, but I have no other plans for the weekend.  I imagine this translates to more sitting around and enjoying my fabulously-clean apartment.  Whee!

The Utterly-Useless Fact of the Week:
At the age of 14, Richard Nixon was the second violinist for his high-school orchestra.

[1] ... unless I was mis-diagnosing and I still had rhinovirii running around in my system.
[2] Did anyone happen to record that program?  It looks like nobody at the studio did....

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