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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Friday (8/1/08) 5:06pm - ... wherein Peter recaps July '08.

The two magic words that describe July are 'sick' and 'housecleaning'.

I started out the month recovering from the nasty virus that took me down for most of June.  I fully recovered after a week or so.  Then on the 11th I got a painful medical procedure done to my feet, and I couldn't walk for several days.  Eventually, *that* pain went away.  Then on the 24th, I came down with a cold -- I was wiped out for three days, and I've been fighting off an awful sinus infection ever since.


When I wasn't incapacitated by illness, I've been running errands.  My apartment looks much nicer now.  I got my apartment complex to fix the place up:  replace the carpet, touch up the paint, fix a few things in the bathroom, and so on.  I scrubbed the place down, took a carload of stuff to Goodwill, and sold a pile of books to the used bookstore.  Other than that, I've picked off other long-standing tasks from the neverending to-do list:  cleaned the traffic paint off my car, took care of my defensive-driving course, finally bought a decent cell phone.


I managed to squeeze in some artsy stuff here and there.  I went to the Austin Blues Party, and had a pleasant time (I'm mostly dancing blues instead of swing these days).  I finished up the longform improv class, and started on an improv singing class, so that keeps me out of trouble.  A local radio show broadcast a couple of radio-serial episodes I wrote, and did a lengthy interview with me (available here).

The coming month looks slow.  Hopefully I won't get sick again, nor devote quite so much time to apartment cleanup.  That said, there's nothing too exciting in the offing.  *shrug*  Maybe I'll just stay home and write.

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