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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Wednesday (8/6/08) 11:35pm - ... wherein It's Wednesday.

This week was dominated by reconfiguring my email, which is really kind of sad.  I'll post separately about (1) why it was so time-consuming and (2) why I'm so relieved that it's done; the executive summary is that I spent far too much of Sunday through Wednesday sitting at various computers and shoveling piles of correspondence from one place to another.

Other than that, not much to report.  The sinusitis is mostly gone.  I tried going dancing a couple of times, but spent both occasions sitting around feeling useless.  (Yes, I should have gone to Waxploitation instead of KBB.  I see that now.)  There have been bits of improv here and there -- I watched Micetro, went to another singing class, and dropped by the weekly jam.  Nothing too strenuous.  And I've kept up with Project Tidy-Apartment, putting up a shoe rack and getting rid of even more stuff.

I've also tinkered with my new iPhone.  So far, it falls somewhere between "shiny, overpriced toy" and "genuinely useful".  While I find Jott very helpful, I mostly use the phone to waste time on the Internet.  Still, no shame in owning a fun & expensive toy, the apps are steadily improving, and I suspect the phone will save my ass repeatedly the next time I travel anywhere.

The coming week looks uneventful:  a little more dancing, a little more improv, a lot more staying-at-home.

The Utterly-Useless Fact of the Week:
321 is, intentionally, the area code for Cape Canaveral.

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