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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Sunday (8/17/08) 10:45pm - ... wherein okay, that was odd.

Session Start (Me:ChasedTrout): Fri Aug 15 18:59:36 2008
[18:59:36] ChasedTrout: Hi.
[19:27:58] Me: Hello?
[19:33:34] ChasedTrout: La la la la la...
[19:33:54] Me: Hello mystery person.
[19:34:25] ChasedTrout: Ditto?
[19:35:29] ChasedTrout: I swear to god, if this is Lizz i'm gonna kill you. Lol.
[19:36:52] Me: I'm guessing this is some sort of misunderstanding. I got a chat ("Hi.") from you at 6:59pm. My name is Peter, and I can vouch for not being Lizz. Do we know each other?
[19:39:01] ChasedTrout: Lol. Um. Plenty of fish?
[19:40:22] Me: Hmm. Nope, "plenty of fish" doesn't really mean anything to me, phrase-wise[1]... perhaps you have the AIM variant of a wrong number?
[19:41:19] ChasedTrout: I don't think so. Lol.
[19:41:36] ChasedTrout: This is quite odd. How old are you?
[19:41:49] Me: 33.
[19:42:15] Me: Backtracking a bit: where did you get this IM handle? and why are you contacting me?
[19:42:28] Me: ("Who is 'Lizz'?" also comes to mind, but we can just leave that aside for now.)
[19:42:36] ChasedTrout: Oh. Lol. I doubt i know you then. I'm eighteen.
[19:43:16] ChasedTrout: Lol. My name is Lana.
[19:43:40] ChasedTrout: I'm on aim with my cell phone.
[19:45:49] Me: Okay, Lana, tell Lizz hello for me and have a pleasant day/night, depending on your longitude.
Session Close (ChasedTrout): Fri Aug 15 19:50:11 2008

[1] Yes, I looked it up later.

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Date:Sunday (8/17/08) 9:55pm
Somebody wrote a stupid bot that does this. It happens when you are logged in to AIM and you happen to make a post on LiveJournal (or some other sites?) at the same time as somebody else. link
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Date:Sunday (8/17/08) 10:26pm

Neat!  Thanks for the link!
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Date:Monday (8/18/08) 8:14am
That's actually pretty awesome. I would have just assumed it was a spammer for a porn site, but after looking at the wikipedia page, I think that little project is a bit of genius.
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Date:Monday (8/18/08) 6:29pm
oh, yeah. I've talked to two trouts. grand idea and all, but i wish there was a way to make them go away.
Not sure how i feel about being pestered by fish everytime i write in lj...
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