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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Monday (9/1/08) 3:49pm - ... wherein Peter recaps August '08.

This month was pleasant, but kind of pointless.

Half the month, I was doing the computer-tech equivalent of housecleaning.  I transferred my email to a new server and re-OSed my home computer.  I took my landline phones to Goodwill (along with another carload of home detritus).  I did a bunch of research about upgrading to HDTV, but so far, I have bought nothing.

I whiled away the rest of the time with impov and dancing.  I enjoy both hobbies, but I don't feel all that ambitious about them.  Improv-wise, I attended the Tuesday-night jams, continued with the improvised-singing class, and volunteered a bit for Austin's giant annual improv festival.  Dance-wise, we now have a weekly blues dance in addition to the weekly swing dance and the occasional weekend event.

So all that, along with a weekend visit to Louisville, kept me very busy this month.  But none of my effort really amounted to anything (except maybe a tidier apartment).

The coming month looks similarly lotus-eat-y.  I go to Denver this coming weekend (bachelor party) and Virginia Beach the weekend after that (blues-dance exchange), but that's it for big, fancy plans for the month.  I may scale back on dancing and improv so I can carve out more time for writing and music, or I may just fritter away another month on software and gadgets.

We'll see.

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