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... wherein Peter goes on a TV-inventing lark.

A week or two ago, happywaffle forwarded me this post from Jorge Garcia's blog.  Mr. Garcia went to the Emmys (LOST was up for Best Drama) and ran into an old friend:  John Krasinski, who plays Jim Halpert on NBC's The Office.

Quoting Mr. Garcia:

Did I ever tell you that John Krasinski and I both did our first pilot together?  It ended up being called The Originals and it was for UPN (back when they existed).
This got me to wondering:  what kind of show was The Originals?  This led quickly to:  what would a show with those two actors be like?  And that led quickly to:  what should a show with those two leads be like?

And then I started making a list and cackling madly to myself.

Here are some highlights.  Because I'm a lazy typist[1], I refer to Mr. Garcia as "G" and Mr. Krasinski as "K".

Anyway, that's what I've got so far.  Further suggestions welcome, in case anybody else likes playing this game.

Also:  are there other combinations of actors[5] that would make good fodder for this exercise?

[1] ... and, perhaps, because I've been reading Death Note lately.

[2] Yes, I'm totally ripping off
Little Brother -- but only because that book totally needs to be a series.  And yes, I'm simultaneously totally ripping off The Fugitive.  Plagiarism is fun!

[3] Additional note:  hell, yeah, they would join forces in season two!

[4] For some reason I'm attracted again to the idea of setting it in Florida.  Perhaps G has watched Miami Vice way, way too much?

[5] "Local improvisors" would work too, come to think of it.

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