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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Wednesday (10/29/08) 2:14pm - ... wherein It's Wednesday.

Things are still peaceful.

I haven't gotten out as much lately -- I've focussed more on staying home and attending to my usual reading & writing & music.  The results have been meager -- a song-post here, a list of silly TV shows there -- but it's *something*, and it makes me happy.

I still go out to improv and dance stuff occasionally.  The Fed still isn't doing much for me, though, and I just haven't been that into improvising this week.  I guess they've just provided excuses to get out and catch up with friends before diving back into solitary household puttering.

Things get slightly exciting in the coming week.  Tomorrow night I'll go act a small part in a table read of a sitcom pilot that's under development at a local production company.  (Whee!)  There's more improv and more dancing this weekend.  I might stop in at some Halloween parties, in spite of being something of a Halloween Grinch.

Apart from that, it's more of the quite-contented same.  Things don't get crazy until mid-November.

The Utterly-Useless Fact of the Week:
During London's Great Plague, common wisdom held that the disease was spread by dogs and cats.  This led to a city-wide extermination of pets and strays.  Ironically, this only exacerbated the disease's spread -- bubonic plague is carried by rats, and the city had just eliminated the rats' only predators.

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