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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Tuesday (11/25/08) 11:26pm - ... wherein Peter posts some thoughts on his recent FSW entry.

[Catching up on blogposts, now that I've recovered from the Dance Weekend That Ate My Life.]

Just thought I'd put up some thoughts on the most recent Sketch War.

Ken Robertson's entry:  laughed aloud at "No 'Christians and Heathens', okay?" / "Awwww.".  I liked the payoff at the end -- possibly could have trimmed the number of awkward moments leading up to it, though Priscilla's drunken pass at Massotihan was a great über-embarrassing exchange.

R. A. Porter's entry:  Ow!  Ow ow ow ow!  These aren't my memories, but it's like they are my memories!  My painful, painful memories!  Ow!

With regards to my own entry, I'm mostly just proud that I managed to pound *something* out on time.  I spent Tuesday fishing for a topic, scribbled out some ideas on Wednesday, and carved out an hour or two from Friday night -- in the thick of ALX -- to lock myself in a little room until the pages were finished.  Things I liked:  simple sketch concept, wrote with clear characters in mind, invented a puppet troupe.  Things I didn't like:  random ending (why would Katie flee the scene?), should have pushed the jokes to be more surreal and out-there, and I put an emotional tilt into a comedy sketch, which is kind of wrong.  (Sketch comedy isn't about emotional arcs -- the structure is more like "funny.  Funny.  FUNNY!  done.")

Oh, and I screwed up on the topic:  I mis-read it as "horrible family gatherings", came up with my sketch, and then realized it was "horrible family holidays".  Then I shoehorned some Christmas decorations into the stage directions.  (That's the magic of screenwriting, kids!  Change the time of year just by typing a few extra words!)

Lord knows how I'll come up with a sketch on the topic of "Oprah".

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