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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Thursday (12/4/08) 12:58pm - ... wherein It's (Not) Wednesday.

[One day late; guess I had other stuff on my mind yesterday.]

So this week was mostly devoted to Thanksgiving -- on Wednesday I packed, on Thursday I went to Louisville, and on Sunday (after a four-hour flight delay) I returned home.

Since then, I've mostly played catch-up.

On Monday I took the morning off so I could sleep in, unpack, and get groceries.  That night I caught up on blog entries.  Tuesday night I dropped by a Shakespeare get-together and the weekly improv jam.

So I guess as of Wednesday, life still hadn't gotten back to normal.

This week should be more straightforward.  Yes, there's a lot of stuff to go and do, but I should scrape together enough hours around the house to resume my usual reading & writing & playing guitar.

After a month of travel and dance stuff, that will be a vast relief.

The Utterly-Useless Fact of the Week:
A narwhal's tusk is actually an incisor tooth that grows eight to ten feet long and protrudes straight forward.  Nobody knows precisely what the tusk is for.

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