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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Monday (1/5/09) 10:07pm - ... wherein Peter asks for help on the bank job.

Hel-lo bankers!

As promised, here's the first batch of questions about that bank project...

Some background:  I'm working with a development company that wants to make a sitcom set in a bank.  So basically, I get to try writing the pilot of said show.

And like I said, the problem is that I know nothing about banks.

We're way early in the process right now; I'm just gathering information, trying to feel my way towards a central cast and a general premise.

I think the first thing I need is a big list of different jobs people can have at a bank, and the second thing I need is a big list of typical activities that go on in a bank.

When this post mirrors over to facebook[1], I'm going to tag all the bank-experienced folks who contacted me yesterday.  If you're tagged on this note, here's what I need to know:

1.  What are a few positions/jobs a person might have at a bank?
2.  What are a few typical activities you yourself might perform at your job?

Hopefully this way we can easily accumulate a big, hand-wavey picture of what characters I might have and what sorts of things they might be up to.

Thanks ahead of time for helping out.  I'm sure there will be more batches of questions in the future, but I'm also sure they will be easy ones like these. :)

[1] ... ah, here it is -- I've disabled comments on this post to localize discussion over there.

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