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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Wednesday (1/7/09) 2:46pm - ... wherein It's Wednesday.

What an odd week this was.

First off, there was New Year's.  On New Year's Eve, I made a token visit to First Night Austin (lived here forever, never been downtown for New Year's) but generally took things pretty lazily.  I had New Year's Day off, and spent most of it playing a board game.

After that, I went dancing a couple of times.  To my surprise, I had a great time at the Fed (ran into all sorts of people I don't see often enough), but a lackluster time at the Friday-night blues dance (where I mostly wallflowered).  Usually it goes the other way.

And, well, that was the last social stuff I did all week.  Since then, I've just been running errands.  I finished putting together my new AV setup.  I cleaned the apartment and the car.  I did the cooking for the next couple of weeks.  I even updated my records for renter's insurance for the first time in five years.[1]

Pro:  there's almost nothing left on the neverending to-do list.
Con:  I'm a bit stir-crazy now.

I suppose I'll get out a bit in the next few days -- more dancing, and I'll have another go at Micetro -- but apart from that, it looks like a similarly slow week.  Stay in.  Sit around.  Write stuff.

Then it'll be off to Fort Lauderdale.  (Whee!)

The Utterly-Useless Fact of the Week:
Goats and octopi have rectangular pupils.

[1] ... which should provide some idea of how often I put that particular task off.

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