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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Thursday (1/8/09) 9:41pm - ... wherein Peter plays Zombie Cinema.

Last night, I had a go at playing Zombie Cinema, a pretty straightforward indie-RPG about zombies.  I figured I'd post some quick thoughts about it:

And now, the usual hail of bullets:________
[1] Ah yes, that was one of the only good things to come out of my participation in the Kentucky Governor's Scholars program.  Long live "Abernathy the fighter", may his stats never fade.

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Date:Friday (1/9/09) 1:10pm
"Perhaps it's the storytelling analog of how I play Lazer Tag, getting shot lots and lots of times while I focus exclusively on looking cool with the gun."
Really? When I do Laser Tag I am out for blood.
Key strategies, which I will only share with you because it is unlikely we will be lasertagging in the near future (and people always forget I'm a weasel by the next time we play anyway):
1. Form an "alliance" with someone I came with. We will cover each others' backs when we first go in, to check the place out.
I will actually shoot them in the little shoulder-sensor thingys as many times as I can before they catch on. Usually 2-3.
2. Hide in a corner and pick people off as they run through. Especially the kids, as they are young and innocent and usually don't suspect treachery. You can usually do this the entire game unless you are playing with smart people, who find you. I beat out about 40 people with this strategy the last time I played.
Be cautious with that, though, cause once the kids catch on they get into the revenge thing.
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Date:Friday (1/9/09) 3:40pm
I knew I liked you.

For a couple of years at Hallowe'en, before it became prohibitively expensive, we used to go to Haunted Trails, an interactive haunted house in the Wild Basin Nature Preserve. It was both pish-your-pants scary (the make-up and effects were done by the film community, and half of the event was out in the middle of the woods - we loved getting inside the actual house, because it limited the directions that things could come at you), and game-based, in that there was stuff you needed to do in order to "win" at the end.

The first year we went, the story was very Half-Life-inspired SF horror, and early on we ended up with a computer disk, which hangingfire took from an eviscerated soldier. What the rest of our team didn't know until after the trip was over, however, is that Hangingfire passed the disk off to me while we were walking in the woods, and we quickly and quietly decided which other person in the group we would accuse of being in possession of it if, should it it became necessary to do so. As it turned out, we didn't have to sell out our designated patsy, but she was still terribly offended when the truth came to light.
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