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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Saturday (2/14/09) 10:10pm - ... wherein Peter posts a song.

Over two months go by, and I again dust off ye olde recordinge rigge....

Boilerplate bit:  occasionally I'll play a song I like on my old acoustic, record it on my home-recording setup, and post it to the blog.  You can see earlier entries here, or subscribe to these as a podcast (click here if you use iTunes).

Ah, Valentine's Day.  Time for a good old-fashioned love song:
    #42.  Tom Waits - Picture in a Frame

Yeah, I'm basically doing Seth Walker's version of it, after having heard that a bazillion times.  As always, the youtube provides the original.

These days, I don't really have the energy to feel sad or bitter about Valentine's Day.  Instead, I just raise a glass to the crazy kids in love and carry on with my life.  So instead of singing something clever or bitter or something, I figured I'd just post the most straight-ahead love song I've had kicking around lately.

I didn't do a lot of takes of this one, and I used the first one, anyway.  (As I do more takes, the tempo tends to get faster and more uneven.)  Yeah, there are technical screwups -- I wince at a botched chord and at the inconsistent "callin'/calling/callin'" pronunciations -- but this was the take that *felt* right, and that matters more than a bunch of little mistakes.

Oh, and it's mixed too low.  Oop-la.

I'm content with how it sounds, but I don't think I did much with the song.  (Hell, at times it feels like I'm lapsing into a bad Seth Walker impression.)  Then again, maybe this is a song that you shouldn't muck about with much -- just get out of its way and let it be warm and simple and pretty.

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