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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Monday (3/16/09) 5:34pm - ... wherein Peter performs more recording experiments.

Okay, so I got myself a USB condenser mic for $50, and tried using it to record bits of this past Saturday's Micetro show.

First I tried recording from up near the light booth.  This was uncomfortable, as there were three people already in the light booth and no spare chairs.  So I had to crouch in the corner with my laptop, with the USB mic perched on the booth's window-ledge.  I recorded just a couple of sketches with that setup, including this Dick Cheney tag-team monolog[1]  As expected, we wind up with loud audience noise and some whirring from the equipment in the light booth.

Then I went to the frontmost row, audience-far-right, and tried recording from there.  I recorded this scene where firth got all of her lines from Kurt Vonnegut's Bluebeard, and this Shakespeare scene with acrouch as an evil servant.  Both of these have some errant noises in them; in the first track I was holdin the microphone atop my laptop, and adjusted it occasionally; in the second track I had the mic on the floor, so footsteps registered as loud booms.

I admit, none of the scenes I chose to record this week really 'tape well'[2], but I think the USB mic acquitted itself okay.  I can move ahead using that mic.

[1] More info about tag-team monologs here.
[2] I think the *twentieth* person to tell me that "this can't possibly work because improv never records well" should win some sort of prize.

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Date:Tuesday (3/17/09) 12:02am
For some reason I actually think improv would record better as audio than video. I have no data to back that up.

But anyhow I'm all for it.
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Date:Tuesday (3/17/09) 8:00am
Y'know, I've noticed that listening to improv on audio usually gives me a stronger "I am there in the theater" feeling than watching it on video.  That's entirely anecdotal, though, and everyone's MMV....
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