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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Sunday (3/29/09) 7:54pm - ... wherein Peter posts a song.

I couldn't make myself do anything productive today, so I figured I'd record another song.

Boilerplate bit:  occasionally I'll play a song I like on my old acoustic, record it on my home-recording setup, and post it to the blog.  You can see earlier entries here, or subscribe to these as a podcast (click here if you use iTunes).

I couldn't believe I hadn't yet recorded this one:
    #43.  The Velvet Crush - Forever, For Now

Ah yes, the Velvet Crush, AKA "the little band that couldn't".  They were a power-pop band out of Rhode Island.  They've worked as a backing band for Stephen Duffy and for Matthew Sweet.  They steadily released albums that sounded (to my ears) a lot like Matthew Sweet albums, all jangling/chiming electric guitars and bright vocal harmonies.

Then in '02 they came out with Soft Sounds.  The album starts with a musician counting off, then there's a brief pause, and then we hear a soft sequence of piano chords.  Except for one track (the vaguely Girlfriend-ish "Don't Take Me Down"), the whole album stays at that calm level, true to its title.  Apparently the band overdosed on 70s AM radio and distilled it all down to one gorgeous set of songs.

This is my favorite track off the album, and one of my favorite songs to play on ye olde acoustique.  Yeah, you can be churlish and dock them points for that second verse (-5 for 'behold', -10 for rhyming 'while' with 'life'), but the tune is so solid that it seems like a surprise somebody sat down and wrote it  (see also:  "Tupelo Honey").

I figure I don't hurt the song that bad here.  My vocals are overcompressed, my guitar-playing is too hurried, and it's all mixed too low, but other than that it sounds like it's supposed to.  The song translates really nicely to a single guitar.

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