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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Friday (4/3/09) 12:57pm - ... wherein Peter writes a sketch for Friday Sketch War.

This week's Friday Sketch War theme is "CSI:  Anywhere":

               Sketch War
               CSI: Anywhere Edition
               "Crime fcene inveftigationne"

               FADE IN:  

               EXT. BATTLEMENTS - NIGHT

               A cold, spooky night on the castle walls.

               Officers Marcellus and Bernardo, dressed as modern-day cops,
               stand guard.  A third SHADOWY FIGURE in a modern-day suit
               accompanies them.

               HAMLET (period dress) approaches.

                         Hail to you, Lord Hamlet!

                         I am glad to see you well.

               Hamlet spies the shadowy figure.

                         What make you from Wittenberg,

               The shadowy figure steps forward -- it's HORATIO CAINE.

                         Lord Hamlet, thou shouldst say not
                         one word further.

               Horatio puts on his sunglasses.

               He nods to the two cops, who seize Hamlet.

                         For thou'rt accuséd of thy father's

                                                          SMASH CUT TO:

               OPENING CREDITS

               A montage of tapestries, accompanied by an (unseen) castrati
               SINGER playing a short bit of "Won't Be Fooled Again" on the

                                   SINGER (V.O.)
                         Yea!  We shan't be fooled again!

               The title "CSI:  Wittenberg" appears.

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT. BATTLEMENTS - NIGHT

               Horatio and Barcellus confer.

               A GHOST tries to get their attention.

                         Keep close watch upon Hamlet still. 
                         Methinks he be a suicide risk.


(I've cross-posted this to the Sketchwar site.)

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