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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Sunday (4/19/09) 5:39pm - ... wherein Peter puts up a bunch of improv photos.

I just uploaded ~100 improv photos:

  1. The Thursday Threefer (4/16/09, Baby Kick Baby):  facebook, flickr.
  2. The Thursday Threefer (4/16/09, North Shore Local):  facebook, flickr.
  3. The Thursday Threefer (4/16/09, Improv for Evil):  facebook, flickr.
  4. Micetro (4/18/09):  facebook, flickr.
    • (Note that my camera battery ran out towards the end of the show, so the last few shots are in iPhone Blur-O-Vision™.)
Side note to dance people:  could someone tag these photos of Jake (1, 2, 3)?

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Date:Sunday (4/19/09) 8:11pm


thanks for taking pics at the Hideout, Peter. Couldn't tell what kind of camera you were using, but the quality in low light without a flash and tripod is great for a point and shoot. What's your secret?

Mark C
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Date:Sunday (4/19/09) 9:03pm

Re: thanks

Thanks!  The secret is mostly trial and error.  I'm using a Canon PowerShot G6, and for (say) this photo, that was 1/200s with an f-stop of 2.0.  Then I went through and cropped it/lightened it in an old version of Photoshop that (unfortunately) also killed the file's EXIF data....
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Date:Sunday (4/19/09) 9:42pm

Re: thanks

Dang 2.0 is a fast lens. Didn't realize the old G's had large apertures like that. It's a shame the new ones don't. Thanks for the info.

Mark C
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