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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Thursday (5/28/09) 4:15pm - ... wherein there is helado Spanish to read this week.

Welcome to this week's installment of "Spanish for Everyday Situations".

This week's situation:  "Somehow, you're watching the film Batman & Robin."

Okay, fine.  How bad can it be?

Bien. ¿Cómo malo puede ser?

I'm seeing more nipples than I want or need to.

Estoy viendo más pezones de lo que quiere o necesita.

Is it wrong to find Uma Thurman more attractive in "dowdy scientist" mode?

¿Es malo que parecerme más atractivo Uma Thurman en modo de «científica desaliñada»?

Apparently, Gotham is what Vegas would be like if Vegas weren't such a relative paragon of quiet, subdued refinement.

Al parecer, Gotham es lo que Vegas sería si Vegas no se tal dechado relativo de tranquilo y moderado refinamiento.

These characters really are going to break into song at some point, right?

Estos caracteres van a ponerlos a cantar en algún momento, ¿verdad?

Gah!  Why is Arnold Schwarzenegger singing?  Make him stop singing!

¡Ay! ¿Por qué está Arnold Schwarzenegger cantando?  ¡Le haga dejar de cantar!

Uma Thurman is dancing around in a giant purple gorilla costume.

Uma Thurman está bailando mientras vestido de un gorila gigante púrpura.

This is to action films what Showgirls was to porn.

Esto es para películas de acción lo que Showgirls era para porno.

Note:  As always, these 'translations' are basically just Google Translator output, so corrections are welcome.

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Date:Thursday (5/28/09) 4:17pm
Is it wrong to find Uma Thurman more attractive in "dowdy scientist" mode?

Considering what they do with her makeup and costuming later in the film, I'd be concerned if you didn't.

*grumble grumble ruined my favorite DC villainess grumble*
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