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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Monday (6/1/09) 4:51pm - ... wherein Peter gets his sickness diagnosed.

Okay, I got meself over to the health clinic and got checked out.

Setting up the appointment was... unpleasant.  I tried four times to set up an appointment with the ADC's "EasyCare Clinic" over the phone.  Attempt #1:  got routed to a voice mailbox; left a message; never heard back.  Attempt #2:  got routed to a separate line which rang several times and then hung up on me.  Attempt #3:  got routed to a voice mailbox; left a message; never heard back.  Attempt #4:  got routed to a voice mailbox that hung up on me.

I finally just drove to the clinic and set up an appointment in person.  The phone system was a kafkaesque nightmare, but the employees were nice in person.

I actually typed up a list of all the symptoms I'd had, and I handed that off to the clinic people.  They looked that over and did a quick flu test.  Result:  no flu.  Yay!

I talked a bit with the physician's assistant, who bore a reassuring resemblance to Bill Nye, and he explained that all the symptoms I had (including a few I'd forgotten to mention) were consistent with a viral infection.  (For those of you keeping score at home, a bacterial infection is what I had earlier in the month -- that's where you keep coughing up tons of infected goo until they give you antibiotics.)

There's good news and bad news to the viral thing.  The bad news is that there's really nothing they can do about it, treatment-wise.  The good news is that a viral infection should last 3-4 days, tops.  So the current plan is for me to take drugs to tamp down the symptoms, drink lots of fluids, and get lots of rest.  If I'm still screwy by Wednesday, I call the clinic back and we re-assess things.

I've mostly been lying around in bed.  Apart from that, I've watched a ton of Craig Ferguson videos on youtube.  The shark puppet is FTW.  Also, I'm amused to see that Dominic Monaghan appeared on the show about a zillion times, but hardly ever mentioned anything he was working on.  (One time he brought in wild animals for a Jack Hanna-like bit.)

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Date:Tuesday (6/2/09) 7:19am
I am happy to drive over and lend you the extended edition LoTR box set, if you need to kill time. It can chew up an etire day, easy.
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