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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Tuesday (10/20/09) 12:52pm - ... wherein Peter posts about the latest Dickens rehearsal.

Dickens Rehearsal, 10/13
Well, this was another rehearsal that wasn't as impressive as that 9/30 rehearsal, but I think that's okay.  On 9/30, we focussed on the plot structure of the early Dickens novels, and then worked at making long-forms that would reflect that structure.  So I think our attempted long-forms that night had really clear storylines, and that always makes me happy as an audience member.  Since then, we've been focussing on other elements.  The 10/6 rehearsal was all about setting, so we addressed that as best as we could and the longforms didn't hold together quite as much.

This 10/13 rehearsal was mostly about creating strong villains, which meant it was yet another good time to have the entire cast of PGraph participating.  The most interesting point the director made was that a villain's performance is very much about how other characters react to the villain.  That led to a wonderfully-creepy scene where Patrick entered as a cheery patriarch whose joviality was undercut by the fact that everyone in the room mortally feared him.

So it hasn't been a repeat of "this rehearsal would be worth paying money to watch", but we're definitely addressing the topics we need to address to make the show better.

Side note:  I still have no idea what to do, costume-wise, and I'm running out of time.  Everybody says  "get a frock coat", but I'm loath to spend $200 on a coat I'd never ever wear except for at this show.  Hmm.  :-/

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Date:Tuesday (10/20/09) 12:48pm
I'm bringing a costume guide to rehearsal tonight, which includes a blurb on how you can modify thrift store finds to suit your needs.
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Date:Tuesday (10/20/09) 1:00pm
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