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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Sunday (10/25/09) 10:00pm - ... wherein Peter goes to art museums in Dallas.

So, where were we?

Ah, yes.  I was sitting in Central Market Café, eating an overpriced sandwich and bad chili.  So, after finishing my meal (and writing for an hour or two more), I finally packed up and headed off to the art museums.

I went to the Nasher Sculpture Center, where the highlight was Spenser de Grey's tour of the Foster and Partners exhibit.  After that I took in the usual installations at a fairly rapid pace, being a bit Nashered out.

From there, I went to the Dallas Museum of Art.  I mostly felt underwhelmed by the DMA, though one of the real discoveries there for me was Gregory Crewdson, who creates large, elaborately-staged photographs.  (At the time, I assumed they were just elaborately-detailed paintings.)  His Untitled (Sunday Roast) from 2005 is one of those perfect images that makes you almost desperate to know what its characters are up to and what will happen next, while Untitled (Brief Encounter) from 2006 is a pitch-perfect homage to Edward Hopper.  Somehow, the cityscape makes you want to cry from the sheer isolation of it (and suddenly, I hated cheesy recreations of Nighthawks that much more).

Of lesser interest were Ted Kinead's Untitled (Thunderhead) from 2003 -- only because it's one of those delightful paintings that gets incredibly blurry as you closely examine it.  Your eyes get confused and spend a good minute trying to reset their focal plane to something that'll work, which is fun.  They also had an early-early painting from Wassily Kandinsky (Houses in Murnau), which was interesting -- it was a painting of an ordinary city street, but it was like Kandinsky's need to move on to full abstraction exerted a physical pressure on the scene, bending it and twisting it out of alignment.

I quickly got arted out.  I wandered off through the lonely financial zone to a Subway that was doing no business whatsoever.  One cheap sandwich later, I headed off to the Crow Collection of Asian Art.  I took it at a walking pace, pretty much finished with art for the day.

Then:  back to my host's (empty) place to shave and put fashionable goop in my hair.

Then:  back to the dance venue, where absolutely nothing was happening.  But it gave me a convenient place to sit around and type for a while.

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