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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Thursday (11/5/09) 8:50pm - ... wherein Peter wonders what Dickensian stuff we haven't hit upon yet.

Patrick added this comment to a previous Dickens post, and I thought I'd repost it because I thought it was interesting.

Turning it over to Patrick:

I'm going to add this to your note Peter.  I think more folks from our cast will see it.  Feel free to make additions everyone!

These are some items that I am seeing repeated in Dickens text, that, so far, I haven't seen in our improvisations. (But I've only been on Tuesdays):

To this, I would add:

I reiterate Patrick's request -- if anybody has further suggestions for Dickensian tropes that were missing from the rehearsals, chime in!

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Date:Thursday (11/5/09) 11:35pm
This good! Keep reminding us of these. In fact, mail this out to the cast. This will help us keep the show fresh.

Also, Bolden had a stutter last night!
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Date:Thursday (11/5/09) 11:47pm
This post has mirrored over to facebook, and I tagged the cast there.
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