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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Thursday (12/31/09) 11:20am - ... wherein Peter attends Same Year's Eve.

Same Year's Eve Show
Same Year's Eve is one of the best traditions of the Austin-improv scene.  Every December 30th, dozens of improvisors descend on the Hideout Theatre to put on a giant show, followed by a giant party.  I think this time we had about fifty improvisors in the show, with another couple dozen showing up for the party.

They handle the huge cast by splitting the show into three half-hour acts:  a short-form game set, a montage set, and a long-form musical.

I wound up in the musical this time, so I watched the short-form games and some of the montage, taking lots of photos.

Then it was time for the musical itself, to which I didn't contribute much.  I'm always so reticent to jump into longforms (just ask the Shakespeare and Dickens casts -- sometimes people have had to literally drag me on stage), and this time we had around twenty people in our half-hour imrpovised musical.  So I mostly stood in the wings, and jumped out when a crowd was required.  IIRC, Jordan, Chuy, Lampe, Dav, Joplin, and Madeline (Malka) had the show's big numbers.

Jordan had prompted the audience for a genre.  We got "horror".  Then he prompted the audience for the first word of a title.  We got "pale".  Then he prompted the audience for the second word of a title.  We got "peanut butter".

Many kudos to Aden for rejecting that.  After that, a more sensible audience member suggested "motorcycles", and we were off and running with "Pale Motorcycles," the story of a campground terrorized by a zombie motorcyclist (Lampe).

As with most same year's eve acts, it felt at most every moment like it was on the edge of collapsing into utter chaos.  But it went well, and same year's is one of those shows like the Out of Bounds "All-Star Micetro" where the sheer giddiness of the participants carries over to the crowd, and everybody has a good time.

Same Year's Eve Party
Then, everybody headed upstairs to the after-party.

I spent a lot of time standing around on my own, especially when I was in the green room.  At any Hideout party, the green room gets sardine-packed with people, and it's such an acoustically-bright room that it gets painfully loud.  I would wander from one place to another in the tiny room, never chatting up strangers, never sidling into friends' conversations.  Ah well.  Given how stressful crowded parties are for me, I'm calling it a win that I didn't curl up into the fetal position in the corner.

Still:  sad.

I fared better out on the rooftop catwalk, where there was fresh air and less noise and less crowds and, as it turned out, a lot of improvised singing.  A small group of us (me, Jordan, Lampe, Chuy, Dav) wound up near the door from the catwalk to the green room.  Occasionally people would poke their heads out and ask if so-and-so was out there.  We'd shout for so-and-so.  In no time, we'd turned this into "we'd sing so-and-so's name out in a barbershop quartet style".  And then we were off singing all sorts of random crap.  Hooray for improvisors.

I actually ventured over to the dance floor for a while, AKA "The Hideout Upstairs Stage".  They were flashing the colored stage lights and pumping out a playlist that included "Like a Prayer", "Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough", "I Wanna Dance With Somebody", and "You Make My Dreams Come True."  It was the usual sort of 'crowd dancing', and I mostly bopped around on my own while the rest of the improvisors played off of each other or formed big circles.  I looked like a dork[1], but luckily nobody was paying attention.

(N. B.:  This statement also applies to my entire life.)

Then at midnight we all counted down to the old year, and there were a number of speeches from various AIC luminaries.  Michael Jastroch chastised his fellow Coldtowners, who kept interrupting his speech to chant, "Get! him! laid!"  Asaf recited the lyrics to "We Are the World."  And so on.  Again, hooray for improvisors.

I stuck around only a little bit past midnight, what with feeling exhausted by all the dancing, all the singing, and all the people.  Plus I had work the next day.  So I took my leave, though the party would go on for hours after.

See everybody on 12/30/10!

[1] Note:  I have danced at a nightclub precisely zero times in my life.

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Date:Friday (1/1/10) 2:49am
Re: Dorkiness - Upon leaving the dance floor, there were ladies that were exclaiming what an awesome/fun/hot dancer you were. I don't know what you were doing out there, but whatever it was, it worked.
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Date:Friday (1/1/10) 1:13pm

(Hell, they should see me doing a dance where I vaguely know what I'm doing, then. :) )
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