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... wherein Peter provides links and further info for "Writing on the Air" listeners.

Howdy, KOOP listeners! 

Here's some more information about the stuff we discussed on the 2/3/10 episode of "Writing on the Air".

For more information about rock'n'roll's post-punk era, I highly recommend Rip It Up and Start Again by Simon Reynolds.  For the Akron scene in particular, you might check out the documentary "If You're Not Dead, Play!!" from PBS.

Cast Info
Finally, here is more information about the voice cast for this reading, and some of the projects they will be up to.

Eric Heiberg (Dennis) -- Eric is a member of Improv for Evil, which performs its "Groundhog Day" format at the Double Barrel this Friday night at the Hideout Theatre.

Erin Molson (Cindy) -- Erin is a member of Girls! Girls! Girls!, the all-girls musical-improv troupe.  Their current production, Jerzey Shorez, runs through February at the City Theater.

Madi Goff (Sharon) -- Madi is an actress and improvisor, and part of the cast of One More Night, improvised tales of the Arabian Nights, which runs for the next two weekends.

Justin Scalise (Lars) -- Justin is an actor who has appeared in a number of Austin Shakespeare productions.  He will play the title role in Richard III in June at the Blue Theatre, and will play Hamlet in October, at a local cemetery, lit entirely by torchlight.

Trey Deason (Paolo) -- Trey is an actor and playwright.

Emily Breedlove (Ellie) -- Emily is an opera singer and improvisor who is appearing in One More Night. Tomorrow night, she appears in the musical GUS! at the Hyde Park Theater as part of FronteraFest.

Bryan "Lubu" Roberts (Noah) -- Bryan is a member of the improv troupe No Chaser, and produces sketch comedy and hip-hop under the name Ghetto Sketch Warlock.

Michael Thomas (The Mayor) -- Michael is a videographer for gnap! Theater Productions and a member of No Chaser.

Marc Majcher (Narrator) -- Marc is a member of Improv for Evil, appears in One More Night, and this Saturday night will co-direct Maestro, Austin's longest-running improv show, at the Hideout Theatre.
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