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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Thursday (3/4/10) 10:43am - ... wherein Peter talks about winning the internets.

My latest formspring answer:

Colin declared you to be a winner of one (1) internets earlier today.  If memory serves, it is not the first time you have won this prize.  What do you plan to do with your collection of internets? [3/3/10, by 3stripedsocks]

That's a great question -- indeed I have won a large number of internets, starting with dusty old dial-up internets from the late nineties, right up to formspring internets from the past month.  So:  what to do with all of them?

I could, of course, just hoard my internets.  I could rest on my laurels, retire from the field, and enjoy the varied & dissolute pleasures that go along with being a Renowned Witty Person on the Interwebs.

But, y'know, winning internets wasn't ever really about *me*.  It was about contributing to something bigger than myself -- a world of internets-winning that is more important than even *my* glorious internetting.  So I plan to use my collection of internets to teach the next generation about how to win the internets.

So long as there is an amusing cat photo *without* an appropriate caption, so long as there is a BBS thread *without* any references to the most au courant memes, so long as there is a political speech that *hasn't* been microedited and Autotuned to sound like it's singing "Don't Stop Believin'"... then our work as a society is not finished.

I will do my part to ensure that people will continue to win the internets long after I'm gone.

Ask me questions at my formspring page!

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Date:Sunday (3/7/10) 5:41pm
I am giggling, and now reading this to my husband.
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Date:Sunday (3/7/10) 6:06pm
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