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... wherein Peter provides links and further info for "Writing on the Air" listeners.

Howdy, KOOP listeners!

Here's some more information about the stuff we discussed on the 4/21/10 episode of "Writing on the Air".

Raoul and Dave
Here is the post that originated the whole "Raoul and Dave" project.  You can find additional posts on this story idea here.

Cast Info
Also, here is more information about the voice cast for this reading, and some of the projects they will be up to.

Jeff Britt (Raoul) -- Jeff is a member of the improv troupes Confidence Men:  Improvised Mamet and the experimental performance-art troupe Happiness is a Choice.  He's also in production for a short film he co-wrote called "When You Reach September", and he's throwing a fundraiser party for it called "Zombies on the Horizon" on May 1st, which will include live music, improv, a date auction, and a screening of new Austin-produced short films.

Jon Clinkenbeard (Dave) -- Jon is also a member of Happiness is a Choice.  On Thursdays in May, he'll be appearing in Louder Than Words, a silent-improv project, at the Hideout Theatre, and on Fridays in May he'll be appearing at the Hideout in the improv show The Plagiarists.  He has a book coming out soon titled The Pirate Treasure of the Himalayas, and a web site of short stories at  In a few months, he'll be releasing a radio horror show titled "Dracula Begins".

Bryan "Lubu" Roberts (Colonel Jack Richter) -- Bryan is a member of the improv troupe Look Cookie, and produces sketch comedy and hip-hop under the name Ghetto Sketch Warlock.  You can catch both at Coldtowne Theater.

Marc Majcher (Narrator) -- Marc is a member of the improv troupe Improv for Evil, who are performing next Friday at 10pm at the Lair Theater in Round Rock.  He is also in Louder Than Words, and this Saturday at 10pm, Marc will be appearing in Maestro, Austin's longest-running improv show, also at the Hideout Theatre.

Jason Vines (Leader, etc.) -- Jason is also a member of Improv for Evil, and will appearing as FDR in the upcoming Zilker Summer Musical production of Annie.  He is also appearing in The Andersons, an improvised 1950s sitcom, at the Hideout Theatre every Saturday night in May and June.

Madi Goff (Lady in Black, etc.) -- Madi is a member of the improv-musical troupe the Dancy Street D'Orchestra, which performs the next two Fridays at 8pm at the Lair Theater.

ETA:  There are photos from the show here, a blog entry here, and an mp3 of the show here.

Also, you can find mp3s of my earlier appearances on the show here, here, and here.

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Cool! -- it's on the dial at 91.7 FM, and on the Internet here.