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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Monday (4/26/10) 1:28pm - ... wherein there is a question about iWeb.

I have a Mac-related tech question for the hivemind.

So, Topping has done a great job making a web site for Dancy Street.  (Also Bob kindly provided some web space on austinimprov for us.)  She made the web site using iWeb, and we're all really happy with it.

However, we've hit a snag.

If I go in and make an edit to a page -- say I add in a show date to the shows page -- at first, everything's fine.  The new gig shows up on the page.  But then, the next time Topping updates any Dancy-Street page via iWeb, that program gets rid of my change.  So:  the new show date disappears.

That's obviously no good.  The end result of this is that all web-page updates currently have to go through Topping, which is hardly fair to Topping.

Is there some way to make iWeb play nice with other people's changes?  For instance, is there some way to force iWeb to sync to whatever is currently up on the server?

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Date:Monday (4/26/10) 4:02pm
happywaffle recommends consulting Apple's discussion forums (specifically the iApps section) for more information.  (You sign in with your iTunes ID, evidently.)
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Date:Wednesday (4/28/10) 12:50pm
Aha! -- here is the recommended iWeb/sync strategy from the forums....
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