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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Thursday (6/10/10) 12:54pm - ... wherein Spanish loses all its mental filters around hour twenty-five.

[Backdating to yesterday, on account of I'm lazy.]

This week's situation:  "You have performed improv for the last 41 hours straight!"

Finally, I can use my powers of insomnia for good!

Por último, puedo usar mis poderes de insomnio para bien!

The audience is equal parts 'entertained' and 'desperately concerned for my well-being'.

La audiencia es a partes iguales «entretenido» y «desesperadamente preocupados por mi bienestar».

At this point, it's less "yes, and" and more "yeah... huh"?

En este punto, es menos «sí, y» y más «si ... ¿eh?»

I've stayed up for this long before, but only when I was running from the cops after they busted my meth lab.

Me he quedado con este mucho antes, pero sólo cuando estaba huyendo de la policía después de que rompieron mi laboratorio de metanfetamina.

For God's sake, just let me get out this essential plot point![1]

Por el amor de Dios, déjame salir de este punto de trama esencial!

I started hallucinating around hour thirty-eight, but everyone just yes-anded me.

Empecé a alucinar a unos treinta y ocho horas, pero todos me dijeron «sí, y».

Oh, it's just improv, so if I screw up, nobody gets hurt.  Now, if surgical residents had to stay up for forty-one hours -- that would be crazy.

Ay, es sólo la improvisación, así que si me equivoco, nadie salga lastimado.  Ahora bien, si los residentes de cirugía tuvo que permanecer despiertos durante cuarenta y una horas - que sería una locura.

You know, I'm actually not that tired. I think I could do this for a full 48 hours, Mr. Floor.[2]

En fin, no soy realmente tan cansado.  Creo que podría hacer esto para un total de 48 horas, Sr. Piso.

[1] ... this, courtesy of zinereem.
[2] ... this, courtesy of happywaffle, based on something museofchaos said at the 2009 marathon.

Note:  As always, these 'translations' are basically just Google Translate output, so corrections are welcome.

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Date:Friday (6/11/10) 7:38pm
"I started hallucinating around hour thirty-eight, but everyone just yes-anded me."

That made me lol and brought up visions of Hurley in the psych ward.
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Date:Tuesday (6/15/10) 2:30pm


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