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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Thursday (7/1/10) 4:40pm - ... wherein Spanish misses the Colorado-Street location.

This week's situation:  "You are watching a movie somewhere besides the Alamo Drafthouse!"

I'm noticing a sad paucity of hot waitresses in this movie theater.

Noto una escasez triste de camareras calientes en esta sala de cine.

"Matthew Perry!"

«¡Matteo Perry!»

Wow.  It's like all the generic-ness of McDonald's with none of the convenience.

¡Hala!  Es como todos los genéricos-dad de McDonald's con ninguno de la conveniencia.

Are these moviegoers too rude to shut up or too stupid to realize the movie has started?

¿Son estos los cinéfilos demasiado grosero que se callara o demasiado estúpido para darse cuenta de la película ha comenzado?

I am distracted both by your phone and your atrocious texting grammar.

Estoy distraído por su teléfono y también por su gramática atroz.

I am the oldest person in this theater.

Yo soy la persona más vieja en este teatro.

Eventually this whole industry will get displaced by video games, right?

Con el tiempo esta industria obtendrá toda desplazados por los juegos de vídeo, ¿no?

Ironically, this experience might actually be bearable if only there were beer available.

Irónicamente, esta experiencia podría ser en realidad soportable si tan sólo hubiera disponibilidad de cerveza.

Note:  As always, these 'translations' are basically just Google Translate output, so corrections are welcome.

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Date:Thursday (7/1/10) 3:48pm
You forgot "Why did that couple bring their four-year-old child to Kill Bill?"

But otherwise? Dead on.
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Date:Thursday (7/1/10) 3:54pm

One from this week's reject pile:
At the Drafthouse, a parent who takes their kids to a horror film is giving them an early education in giallo pictures.  Here, a parent who takes their kids to a horror film is just dumb.
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