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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Monday (7/12/10) 5:39pm - ... wherein Peter gets a cold.

Bah.  Sick again.  First time this year, actually -- my last ailment was this past December(In retrospect, I should have washed my hands immediately after shaking the audience's hands post-Maestro.)

It's not that bad of a cold.  There's a slight sore throat, but a fair amount of malaise.  I overslept 'til about 10am before notifying work that I was taking a sick day, and I've spent most of my day lying in bed.

This cold would have been better-timed for, say, last Wednesday.  Ah well.  I'll miss the puppet rehearsal tonight.  It's a bit dodgy whether I will make the Dancy Street rehearsal tomorrow night.  And if I'm not completely recovered by Wednesday, well, no dance at the Highball for me.

And now begins the sad, ineffectual-feeling part where I sit around and wait to get better....

Mood: [mood icon] sick · Music: nond
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