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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Tuesday (8/31/10) 10:26am - ... wherein Peter has little use for "private browsing mode".

What's the most revealing thing about you in your recent internet history and what's the least? [8/29/10, anonymous]

My browser history is very dull, I'm afraid.

Lately, it mostly reveals a lot of wasted time.  I keep playing quick games of online Carcassone, and pinging the usual collection of Google Reader, facebook, twitter, and livejournal.  There aren't a lot of articles in my browser history -- usually I just star articles in Google Reader, and copy/paste them all into a big text document every month or so.

(Yes, I know, I'll eventually switch over to Instapaper.  JUST GET OFF MY BACK, MAN.)

There are a bunch of little info-searches.  I looked up links to all the items in yesterday's massive Media Update and the albums in my album list; I looked up show information for Out of Bounds; I looked up the weather for Saturday's Out of Bounds mini-golf game.  (Only 92°!)  I thumbed through an article about Emmy fashion that Karin forwarded me.  I took a desultory look at some okcupid profiles.  I tracked down "The Double Rainbow Blues" for dancingllama.

So those are probably the least revealing bits.

Side note:  I'm surprised that there's nothing porn-y in this recent history.  I suppose the closest it gets to 'salacious' is a dull, efficient search for photos of Nina Dobrev.  (What?  I watched the Emmy opening, and I was all swoony over the cute girl singing to Jorge Garcia.)

~ behold my exciting life ~

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