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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Wednesday (9/8/10) 9:22am - ... wherein the Hideout puts on Theatresports!

This Saturday begins the Hideout's run of Theatresports.  This is an improv show where two teams of improvisors challenge each other to, say, "The best scene involving an audience member," or "The most emotional scene," or... well, anything, really.  Judges award 1-5 points for each scene, and then by the end of the show, the team with the most points wins and goes on to the next round.

Each show at the Hideout will have a quick opening match between two ad hoc teams, and then the main match between the advertised teams.  Also, every night the audience will pick an MVP ("Most Valuable Performer") for the night, and that improvisor gets to play in the "all-star" exhibition match on October 23rd.  Also, teams are sponsored by local Austin businesses, so look for some free give-aways from the sponsors at their teams' shows.

Performances are at 8pm at the Hideout Theatre, and tickets are $10, available here.

Here's the show schedule.  I've linked the listings to the appropriate facebook events, which include cast lists.  I'm appearing on 9/18, FWIW, and I'll be one of the judges in the 9/25 show.

Sept 11:  Team "Bennu" versus Team "Dragon's Lair".
Sept 18:  Team "Cathedral of Junk" versus Team "Independence Brewery".
Sept 25:  Team "Alamo Drafthouse" versus The Mystery Team.
Oct 2:  Team "Katz's Deli" versus Team "Taco Deli".
Oct 9:  The winners from 9/11 versus the winners from 9/18.
Oct 16:  The winners from 9/25 versus the winners from 10/2.
Oct 23:  The All-Star Exhibition Match.
Oct 30:  The Theatresports championship match!

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