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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Friday (9/10/10) 7:07pm - ... wherein Peter posts the first three episodes of Bellydancing Ninjas.

Back in May, I got in touch with some audio instructors at the Art Institute.[1]  It turns out that they have students there who need to practice audio recording, and as it turned out, I had a backlog of radio serials I wanted recorded.  After some emailing back-and-forth, we settled on having a long-form audio class record the first three episodes of Bellydancing Ninjas, a wonderfully-silly adventure serial I wrote back in 2003.

In June, we brought in a cast of six actors (Emily Breedlove, Amira Wizig, Matt Pollock, Kevin Miller, Chelley Pyatt, and Marc Majcher) to perform all the parts in the Art Institute's multi-million-dollar recording studio.  Meanwhile, the students had collected together all the music and sound cues for the episodes.

Long story short, I just got the finished product of those first three episodes, and they put the mp3s online in a zip file here.  (I'll try & load them up as separate episodes later.)


The next long-form audio class is now gearing up to record the last three episodes, which comprise the Thrilling Conclusion of "Bellydancing Ninjas".  It looks like we'll have the same cast returning on Thursday night to record their parts.

By the way, if you find any recording problems/annoyances with these first few episodes, let me know so that we can correct them with the next three.

~ excelsior! ~

[1] Many thanks to Ms. Lauren Zinn for making this happen.

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Date:Sunday (9/12/10) 3:26pm
Fun! Just finished listening to them - all the editing and sound effects adds a very different dimension to it beyond what we heard while recording it. Neat stuff - round 2 should be big fun.

I noticed a few weird echoes in the recording (like Marc's narration voiceover starting in the background of one of the Luxo ads), but overall it sounded pretty solid.
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