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Peter Rogers's Blog
Artist-in-Residence at Chez Firth

Monday (9/27/10) 3:08pm - ... wherein Peter did a couple of improv shows over the weekend.

Dubbed Indemnity went pretty well.  This is the show where they play a random assortment of video clips with the audio turned off, and improvisors -- who haven't seen the videos before -- provide all the audio.  It was a very light house, but DI seems fairly impervious to sparse audiences.  We're still getting the hang of the format.  It's important to:  (1) jump in boldly with a voice instead of waiting for somebody else to take it on; (2) not just recount what's happening onscreen; and (3) pick something, however arbitrary, to make the scene about, and stick to that no matter what.

It's weird -- even though I knew those three things, I still had a lot of trouble.  I ended up dubbing a long, frenzied speech from Brad Pitt in an insane asylum in 12 Monkeys.  My mistake:  I made it about his plans to get out of the insane asylum.  I'm convinced it would have been much funnier if he'd been babbling about, say, how Gigli is truly an undervalued film.[1]

In other cases, I came through decently.  We dubbed the "ATTICA!  ATTICA!" scene from Dog Day Afternoon, and it turned into a scene where the hostage and the negotiator (Charles Durning) were an estranged couple declaring their renewed love for each other.  So now, I had Al Pacino delivering an impassioned celebration of that event, culminating in "DO YOU BELIEVE IN LOVE?!"

So basically, the things we already knew about what makes Dubbed Indemnity work? those are still true.  We just have to keep getting better at them.

Then we had Micetro on Saturday night.

Honestly, the highlight of that was one of the warm-ups.  Heiberg riffed off of an earlier exercise, in which Patrick moped around  the room singing the theme from Charles in Charge as depressingly as possible, and invented "Inappropriate Song Spot".  You'll recall that I kind of hate normal "Song Spot" -- but for this round, the goal was to sing a song in the most emotionally-inappropriate way possible.  I got to sing "Brick" as an upbeat 30's show tune (with jazz hands), and that pretty much made my whole night.

The show itself felt kind of wonky to all of us, but we muddled through.  For my last scene of the night, I got to do a two-hander with Ace, which Asaf set up as "a scene from an exploitation movie about..." and the audience suggested "investment bankers".  So Ace and I did a very silly "banksploitation" scene.  That was fun and pleasant.

[1] I'm also kicking myself for one other thing:  we got a clip from one of the Bill and Ted movies, wherein George Carlin shows up in the flying phone booth.  Why did I not voice him as Doctor Who?  Because I am a fool.

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Date:Monday (9/27/10) 3:44pm
If George Carlin offered me a jelly baby, I would just about die.
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